Semiconductor industry



The manufacturing method of the semiconductor industry is to manufacture electronic components on silicon semiconductors (products include: dynamic memory, static memory, micro-virtual ... etc.). The semiconductor industry is mainly divided into three categories: material (silicon rod) manufacturing, integrated circuit wafer manufacturing, and integrated circuit construction, with a wide range. At present, the domestic semiconductor industry includes the latter two items. As for silicon ingot materials, it still depends on foreign imports.
Wastewater characteristics
1. Hydrogen fluoride etching waste liquid
2. Grinding waste liquid
3. Ammonia etching waste liquid
4. Organic solvent wastewater
5. Hydrogen peroxide wastewater

Treatment technology:

  • Fluorine chemical mixing treatment system
  • Grinding and mixing treatment system
  • Ammonia nitrogen treatment system.(High gravity, biological system)
  • Ammonium sulfate recovery system
  • Biological treatment system
  • Deoxygenase treatment system